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b12 chemtool
« on: May 10, 2015, 12:12:02 AM »
Hello every one and thanks for any advice.

I recently bought a 83 Honda vt 500 shadow.  I had the local man clean it all up and do the usual maintenance for a bike that has been sitting for a while.    On the ride home it started bogging going up hill.     Close to the point of stalling.

I am assuming that the float is stock.  The man who work on it is highly recommended. SO I am not saying he did a bad job, but rather I am thinking maybe some of the debris did not all work there way out.   plus he is out of town for the week, till Friday,

If I am right and there is just a lil bit of shit in the carbs. could I safety use a couple onces of b12. This is recommend by some guys I work with.   but I have never used it before.


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Re: b12 chemtool
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Never heard of B12, but if you suspect debris in your float bowl you could simply pull the bowl off and check it. Not sure about that particular bike, but on any I've ever worked on its a fairly simple job. Also if there is something getting into the carb it has to be coming from somewhere (especially if it was just cleaned). I would bet the inside of your tank is rusted. If so, there are treatments to remove the rust scale and seal the inside of the tank. I think the sealer is called Kreem. Good luck.

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Re: b12 chemtool
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