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    Every one has there idea on the subject. I searched around online an decided to go with Branch-O'Keefe,they were called in to consult with harley on the evolution engine and worked on the vrod also.Jerry branch taught elvis to ride an built his bikes.They have a you tube video of there shop an explination of there process (especially listen to the more draw-head flow test explination more than other head work places) and read the about section on there web page.They still port heads by hand,some think CNC is the deal an way to go,thats not always true,I could CNC on something all day long,but did I improve it any at all ?? I chose the PT performance touring heads for my ultra 96-106 (s&s jug kit 10:1 with stock heads) the heads are ported,larger valves,larger valve stems,the head piston chambers are blended,different valve guides, different valve springs and higher cam lift .I only had the heads surface trued 2 thousandths,instead of the usual 50 thousandths,I didnt want over 10:1 compression an had the less expensive manuel compression releases installed. On there #5 heads ported, valves are even larger,head piston chambers are reshaped,different springs an ect...for higher RPM's. I striped my heads and kept the valves and springs ,exchanged heads with them, they came complete with exhaust studs, less return time if they already have a pair finished. I had the heads painted as stock,I forgot to have them highlight the fin edges,I used a dremel at a lower speed after I masked off ports and everything ,with about half inch polishing wheels and regular polishing compound after I used 2000 grit sand paper,it slightly rounded the fin edges and takes a while ,looks better than flat and much more like chrome. You can use acetone to get the polishing compound off,wipe off all you can with a dry rag first,then use the thinner very fast to keep from removeing paint,you can use a regular Q-tip(roll cotton tightly between fingers first) to touch up(not loaded down with paint) if you have harley texture engine paint. Another head work option if you decide to.