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older style chrome guard
« on: December 31, 2015, 12:20:15 PM »
Carl Miles Heel guard at heel guard dot com  . A few months ago these were hard to find till I found the owner's website,seems more carry them now,mine were free shipping when I ordered.I looked around at the newer styles of heel guards that set up about an inch or so off the floorboard and if your not watching very easy to go over it into the cam cover chrome and/or the gold insert .Also has guard's for the passenger floor boards that may help keep from messing up the chrome pipe shields and primary cover chrome.I bought the turn out style,it may keep my foot from slideing off the floor board if I see something interesting going down the road.LOL  .With the rubber floor board insert removed and on top of the base plate,not under,I used a small C-clamp (easiest way) slid the guard all the way to the back of the floor board (as far back as I could get it) keeping the rod straight with the floor board inside edge clamped it down with the guard aginst the raised edge of the floor board,it will take a few times to get it right with one hole uncovered to drill,bolt that one down an remove clamp an do the other makeing sure its still straight an aginst the raised edge.If you dont put the guard all the way back ? The toe of your boot can hook under the brake peddle pad just when you need the brakes,all the way back gave me plenty of room to move my foot. I also bought 5/8" longer shifter toe pegs kuryakyn #8021 / JP #530-345  (08 ultra) I got one for my 1200 ,5 years ago,still looks good an no problems.They go with about any floor boards.I always use maguires car wash wax (yellow colored) after spraying the bike off good,about a cup full in a small bucket(cleans better stronger),throw some back in the head an jug fins an let it soak a while , an rinse all well.A couple more options that dont look bad.