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I looked at a few air filter systems an bought the boyesen power x intake system #PX-HBP-01 (for fuel injection) 08 ultra,it has a very strong base mounting plate (intake) Im useing the stock chrome filter cover with an insert,this intake base will hold the weight of the filter cover an insert even with the air force pulling at the filter cover going down the road.It has dry filter that provides 20 more CFM than the SE 1 K&N.It also has a built in insert to channel the air for increased throttle response an power.These (insert only) are available for carburated bikes (power x-wing) in several carb bore sizes.(These same type of inserts were avaible for cars an pickups a few years ago) Pull the screws out,put the insert in,put the screws back,that simple.Now,I looked at the max flow air filter that zippers has (taller/deeper than SE 1) it comes with longer (ALUMINUM EXTENTIONS) for the air filter and filter cover to bolt to,this JUNK will not hold the cover an insert,may hold the cover only for a little while until the extentions brake or pull the screws out of the intake,even harley sends steel extentions with the SE 1 intake an filter kit,what does that tell you ? Why dont I just buy a $600.00 snazzy open type air filter ? LOLOL, Im not destroying my valve seats because some idiot wants my money. Every drop of water,rain,water mist off the road an ect... that goes threw the air filter an contacts the valves on the way threw is creating  very tiny craters in your valve seats,first thing you know,you notice a limp and/or miss in the engine because you have lost compression (valves leaking) and depending on how big the rain storm much more damage,intake ports,head ports,cylinder an ect...I may add a extention to the chrome filter cover to extend it 1 1/4"  (1 3/4" wide, 1/2" over lap) chrome timeing cover screws with nuts an paint the aluminum extention (after shaped an drilled) with gloss high temp engine paint to help ferther deflect water off the filter.Check it out,make up your own mind as always....