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simple oil test
« on: January 03, 2016, 02:02:43 PM »
Use your first finger and thumb (Engine oil),put some of your clean oil on the tips of both fingers,mash them together as tight as you can and rub your fingers together hold them as tight as you can.How many rub strokes did get before your fingers started to grip an chatter ? Wash the oil off with gas or thinner,dry and try a different brand.The more times you can rub your fingers together with out griping and chattering is obviously the better oil,because it is provideing a better lubercation film on the 2 surfaces,that is what EP (extreme pressure additive) does in gear oil.Most people never change the oil in the rear end (cars & trucks) and if you drive it with out rough handeling,do you ever have to replace the rear end ? The point is some engine oils have good filming (lubercation additives) some dont. No dont put gear oil in your engine lolol. Like I said a simple test will show you a lot about engine oils.