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open type air filter
« on: January 03, 2016, 03:16:59 PM »
  I know some of you know this,probably some dont.Any open type of air filter that the rain or water can directly contact the filter element,the paper or k&n element.If your bike for any reason is left out in the rain,water is going down threw the intake into the cylinder that the valve is open on ,also seeping threw the rings down into the engine oil and laying on the intake valve that is closed until you crank the engine,not to mention what the water is doing to the intake ports,carb,heads,cylinders,fuel injection an ect... What happens when you crank over an engine with water in the cylinder ? The first thing is a bent rod,other that can happen,warped and or cracked head,head stud threads pulled in the engine block,crankshaft shift on the rod pin(out of balence or worse) ,messed up rod bearing or busted,busted piston,messed up crank bearing or busted,stretched crank bearing holes in the block  and ect...If you suspect water the only thing you can do is pull the spark plugs an bump the engine a few times,then let it crank over a few times to blow the cylinders out,then start the engine.Compression releases WONT allow the water to excape fast enough,pull the plugs. (MAKE SURE you (with the plugs out) hook up the plug wires so they can FIRE while you crank the engine to avoid COIL DAMAGE ) When you wash the bike,its the same thing,water going into the engine,same exact thing as above,unless you  tie a plastic bag around it to keep the water out.Theres 3-4 of those open filters I like myself,but,they are for fair weather rideing only ,I use a solid filter cover because of the above.Be careful out there,theres a lot of idiots on the road......